GSA Meeting Notes AY 2016-2017

Graduate Student Association Council Meeting Minutes from 7th December, 2016

In Attendance:

President: Malkah Bressler (MB); Vice-President: Christopher Rose (CR); Biology: Acer Van Wallandael (AVW); English: Jessica D’Onofrio (JO); MVST: Katherine Briant (KB); Philosophy/MAPR: Angela Sager (AS); History: Damien Strecker (DS); CIS: Michael Pastorino (MP); Psychology: Emily Ho (EH); Psychology: Francesca Falzarano (FF); Ethics & Society: Margaret Desmond (MD); Economics: Helene Purcell (HP); IPED: Jackie Yap (JY); Urban Studies: Matiss Steinerts (MS);  IIHA: Kasia Laskowski (KL); ECM: Yasmine Bailey (YB)


PMMA: Giovani Santoro (GS); Theology: JK Melton (JK); Classical Lang. and Civ: Rob Nayden (RN)

1:13 HP: Motion to begin the meeting; FF second

1:13 Minutes Approval EH Motion; KB Second. All Affirmative.

1:14 English DDF JY Motion; MP Second. All Affirmative, JD abstains.

1:15 MB presents a breakdown of the Fall 2016 Professional Development Grant

HP: Were any applications outright denied?

MB: Yes

MB outlines the process of vetting the applications

HP: Do past PDGs affect current decisions?

MB: No

MB provides statistics of the award breakdown by department

1:25 MB briefs on Fordham Next Generation PhD & Living Humanities PhD Project

1:28 CR briefs on Spring events and recaps Fall: social, boot camp, and political events

1:32 Surplus deliberation

Refuge Scholarship: YB has chatted with the professor in law school about legality and working with other departments, UNHCR & UNICEF and other university stuff as well.

DS: How long is this sustainable? Will there be a student who can qualify for this, bc essentially it will be looking to people with a four year degree already?

KL: No need to recreate the wheel. Agencies already have this info and we have connections to those agencies. IIHA offers space to two asylum seekers each summer.

HP: Would there be technical issues with department? Would they be aware?

KL: This isn’t necessarily new to departments, lots of refugees already students

MB: Who would be responsible for this once it was underway? GSA? GSAS?

YB: September 2018-2019 is the ideal. Those questions would need to be answered.

MIHA Scholarship: KL says her replacement at IIHA is fully supportive of this effort

DS: Can we fund all of them?

CR: No

2:05 Fund Proposals after affirmation of Dean HP Motion; EH Second. All Affirmative, AVW abstaining.


Graduate Student Association Council Meeting Minutes from 19th October, 2016:

In Attendance:

President: Malkah Bressler (MB); Vice-President: Christopher Rose (CR); Biology: Acer Van Wallandael (AVW); English: Jessica D’Onofrio (JO); MVST: Katherine Briant (KB); Philosophy/MAPR: Angela Sager (AS); Theology: M Tong (MT); History: Damien Strecker (DS); CIS: Michael Pastorino (MP); Classical Lang. and Civ: Rob Nayden (RN); Psychology: Emily Ho (EH); Psychology: Francesca Falzarano (FF); Economics: Helene Purcell (HP); IPED: Jackie Yap (JY); Urban Studies: Matiss Steinerts (MS); IIHA: Kasia Laskowski (KL); ECM: Yasmine Bailey (YB); PMMA: Giovani Santoro (GS); Ethics & Society: Margaret Desmond (MD)


Theology: JK Melton (see M Tong)

1:04 MS: Motion to begin the meeting; JY second.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meetings

HP: Update on Dagger Jones?

MB: Nothing new, but we hope to survey when people are teaching or taking classes.

1:08 Minutes Approval KB Motion, RN Second. All Affirmative.

1:10 Classics DDF

EH: What sort of turnout are we looking at? Is this one off or recurring?

RN: Of the Fordham seminar, about seven, but others from the consortium participate. Recurring, but hoping to turn it into an annual event.

1:12 Classics DDF EH Motion, MP Second, All Affirmative with RN abstaining.

1:13 English DDF

EH: how are the students for the round table chosen?

JO: There is a CFP and then the Graduate English Council sifts through them.

KB: MVST would like to help advertise this.

1:18 English DDF JP Motion, FF Second, All Affirmative with JO Abstaining.


1:19 IPED DDF KL Motion, KB Second, All Affirmative with JY Abstaining.

M Tong introduces herself and comments that she is surely not as snarky as JK. Previously she has lead some charter groups and further she believes Applebees rocks.

Philosophy DDF #1

1:26 Phil. DDF #1 FF Motion, JP Second, All Affirmative with AS Abstaining.

Philosophy DDF #2

1:27 Phil. DDF #2 MP Motion, HP Second, All Affirmative with AS Abstaining.

1:29 Theology DDF

EH: Considering the focus in the DDF on Christian spirituality, do we make allowance for those of other faith?

AVW: Same Question.

RN: Is it unreasonable for a Christian university to focus on Christian spirituality?

EH: There is a question of inclusion, and perhaps this should be done by office of ministry and mission?

MB: Should we approve it? Or would you like to ask Theology to resubmit

AVW: What are the consequences? Are there time limits?

MB: Council can choose to approve, or ask them to resubmit with different language. It’s the Council’s choice.

HP: The point is about it not being exclusionary—the event itself is fine.

1:37 Theology DDF YB Motion, RN Second. All affirmative with AVW, KB, & MT abstaining.

EH: A question for GSA—should we be funding these sort of events? And question of inclusion of other faiths?

MB: We do traditionally contribute to this specific sort of event from Theology, but that is a discussion the council can have: do you want to regularly endorse such events?

CR: Keep in mind, it might unfairly affect Theology’s events given the nature of their study.

HP: Should it depend on department?

KB: Perhaps it is rather about inclusion/exclusion within the Theology department? MT?

MT: I’m not entirely sure, and the question is interesting. For charter groups such as GGSSoC /LGBT—should those things be run exclusively by say, straight white allies? I would have a problem with that. But, part of our mission as a department is to forward the mission of Christian theology

AVW: What is the distinction between Christian theology and spirituality?

MT: I don’t feel prepared to answer that question fully.

MB: We can gather questions and send them onto JK if the Council feels.

RN: The bigger question is what do we fund: we fund graduate students and their endeavors. There is a strong possibility that some students came here because they have an expectation their education will be in the Jesuit, Christian tradition.

JY: The event is past tense, so it clearly was something that the community wanted.

YB: Agrees.

KL: It’s an honorarium, and the department did give it considerable funding.

MB: That suggests the Department does think it has a scholastic benefit.

1:46 Open Floor about Graduate Life

KB: Update on FICA tax

MB/CR: Vickie working through it—depends mostly on student status.

AVW: Do students applying for the PDG have a time limit for their project?

MB: The event must have occurred after the deadline of the previous PDG.

DS: Are there funding limits?

MB: $1500. And, on the subject of the PDG, we are currently accepting applications for the committee. Please encourage application.

JP: How long of a time commitment is it?

MB: Depends on number of apps, fall is traditionally somewhere around 50 applications.

1:57 November Social

MB: Dagger John’s may not happen, so do we want one pre-Thanksgiving?

KB: Post Thanksgiving?

MB: Maybe at LC?

2:03 Surplus

DS: Stay away from speakers, drinks, food. Use it for something meaningful.

YB: Perhaps potential of scholarship?

MB: Here are some ideas: a Graduate space, a big speaker, investment for future return, scholarship, or graduate student teaching award? Any other thoughts?

KB: Suggests increasing DDF funding.

AVW: Suggests funding more expansive research projects.

EH: Suggests funding ABD students who have run out of funding or summer research.

KL: Suggests a scholarship for IIHA students, who do not regularly benefit much from their student fees. Perhaps we could help them do thesis work: moving from work to field can be abrupt. What helps them is bringing them here. A scholarship where they could come to Fordham for a specific, short amount of time for writing and research would help.

MS: Could we solicit student opinions?

MB: Sure

YB: Suggests a partial scholarship for refugee students?

MB: We will organize a way for you all to submit proposals on these great ideas.

2:26 AVW Motion to Ajourn, FF Second


Graduate Student Association Council Meeting Minutes from 21st September, 2016

In Attendance:

President: Malkah Bressler (MB); Vice-President: Christopher Rose (CR); Biology: Acer Van Wallandael (AVW); English: Jessica D’Onofrio (JO); MVST: Katherine Briant (KB); Philosophy/MAPR: Angela Sager (AS); Theology: JK Melton (JKM); History: Damien Strecker (DS); CIS: Michael Pastorino (MP); Classical Lang. and Civ.: Rob Nayden (RN); Psychology: Emily Ho (EH); Psychology: Francesca Falzarano (FF); Economics: Helene Purcell (HP); IPED: Jackie Yap (JY); Urban Studies: Matiss Steinerts (MS); IIHA: Kasia Laskowski (KL); ECM: Yasmine Bailey (YB)


Ethics & Society: Margaret Desmond (MD)

1:15 KL: Motion to begin the meeting; AVW second.

Introductions, review of Robert’s Rules of Order, lunch arrival, and overview of agenda.

MB: Announcements on PDG dates, blog, and newsletter details. Budget rundown. Overview of various charter groups and their funding requests.

EH: How much is Charter funding?

MB: Budgeted $1500

1:31 Charter Groups Funding Approval; KL Motion, RN Second. All Affirmative.

1:35 GSA 2016-2017 Budget Approval; KL Motion to Vote, Jackie Second. All Affirmative.

1:45 Marcus Schweiger (MS) gives a presentation on student efforts to turn Dagger John’s into a graduate student bar. Requests: (1) the support of the GSA in this effort, (2) monetary support for an opening event, (3) and willingness of reps to get the word out and poll their departments. Schweiger hopes Daggers could be a place of graduate socialization, employment, and general event space.

EH: Monetary support one time? Or recurring?

Schweiger: One time.

AVW: Is Aeromark setup for this?

Schweiger: It is established as a bar already on Fordham football game days.

MS: What would you need money for?

Schweiger: To hold a one time GSA event.

EH: How would they deal with below 21?

Schweiger: They have a system established on game days for ID checks. Dagger Jones was established as a full restaurant in the 90s.

EH: When would bar close?

Schweiger: Still negotiating days and times it would be open, but before they can go further they need the support of the GSA to get data to state this is a viable idea.

HP: Could we do a survey?

Schweiger: Yes

DS: Are their examples of this at other schools?

Schweiger: Yes. Yale, George Mason, Princeton, several others.

YB: Can you ID individuals before entry?

Schweiger: Space doesn’t facilitate it because of the other services available only through Dagger Jones such as Starbucks, Jamba, etc.

Should the GSA support this venture?; EH Motion, AVW Second. 12 Affirmatibe, 2 Negative, 0 Abstain

1:51 DDFs

Theology DDF #1 & #2 MP Motion, AS Second. All Affirmative with JKM Abstaining

Psychology DDF #1 & #2 JK Motion, DS Second. All Affirmative with EH & FF Abstaining


EH: Will this be yearly? Last event of this type was in the Spring.

KB: Will be timed with our manuscript studies course, every other yearly

MVST DDF EH Motion, KL Second. All affirmative with KB abstaining

Urban Studies DDF

DM: Will you be distributing FB invites?

MS: Yes, events have even started.

Urban Studies DDF FF Motion, JY Second. All Affirmative with MS abstaining

2:03 MB updates the council on recent news that some students are moving to create a union. They have an event coming Friday. Council reviews the way in which this procedure should move forward as per the council’s vote last year: from spokespeople to reps, to council, to Dewis, to Eva. Opens floor to questions and discussion of the issue.

DS: Should we be using Fordham email at all for this discussion? Or discussing it on school property? Asks if he can keep a neutral voice while facilitating communication.

MB: Certainly

YB: Student Union is an excellent idea because it protects the student and supports their goals.

MS: Is this a global trend?

MB: Certainly a trend in NYC and with recent court cases getting more momentum in general.

KL: What sort of repercussions would there be for those who are distance learning? IIHA has students that are not based in NYC.

CR: Unknown, we should learn more concerning their goals and who will be included at the meeting this Friday.

2:20 MP Motion to Adjourn, JY Second